All my work that I do, I dedicate to my wife who has been my inspiration during my whole life. If I managed to create anything interesting, this is because I wanted to be worthy of her.
In the words of Christopher Marlowe,

Was this the face that launch'd a thousand ships
And burnt the topless towers of Ilium?

As each year passes, I am growing to appreciate my teachers more and more. It is thinking about them which motivates me to try to climb higher. Below are the names of the most influential ones:

Dr. Boris Merkulov tought me to see the world through the spectacles of science. Even more importantly, he showed me how one can give all of oneself to others.

The collapse of the Soviet Union, left many people disoriented about their values and the future direction of their lives. For students in university, it was especially hard. Dr. Vladimir Pospelov supported me in those times when everyone believed that knowledge, integrity, and passion for science and technology, were no longer of any relevance. He tought me, through his own example, how to keep faith in fundamental values, despite anything which can happen in life.

Dr. Alex Vasilos supported my ideas and gave me everything necessary to make my work possible — even when other people thought my ideas were just dreams of a mad student.

Mehmet Niyazi recognised the importance of my work and welcomed me into IBM.

Prof. Binh Nguyen showed me Smalltalk.

Prof. John Pugh was like a father to all of us at The Object People — the happiest place ever on this planet, the family of like-minded thinkers united by one idea.

John Duimovich, Mike Wilson aka McQ, and Steve Northover, are my role models. I wanted to be like Dui ever since the day when I came across his work in 1994.
And the time we spent together with McQ and Esteve, making Eclipse, was the best time I ever had in my life.